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Orbys System has developed the capacity to build a total recycling facility for plastics, including so-called PET’S, which we can transport by conventional means and operate on site without any other requirement. The installation is mobile and suitable for any means of transport, autonomous in its operation and capable of processing a volume of 20,000 kilos of plastic per day, or 500,000 bottles per day. It can be installed both in landfills, as well as on boats that operate by collecting plastic from the sea.

The plastic is eliminated in a complete recycling process, which allows its total reuse, or its use as an energy source. In this way the system is efficient and economically viable.

Once the technology to process most of the plastic waste is reached, it is necessary to do it efficiently. Obtaining energy through a productive system that generates value, while eliminating the problem, is the most graphic manifestation of the circular economy.

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